Arrive at Budapest is not a simple start of the journey! Why do we say this? Cause Budapest keeps much more secrets and ways than other Europen cities!

Firstly, let us introduce you to the short History of Budapest! Budapest – one of the “youngest” capitals of Europe – has a history of over a thousand years, and even the history of the free royal cities of Pest and Buda, as well as the history of the town of Óbuda as a populated settlement, is in the dark. The contradiction is apparent and stems from the fact that the three cities merged only in the second half of the last century.

The Castle ARC.

King Béla decided after the Tatar invasion in 1241 that he was in Buda builds up against barbaric attacks. The defense castle around XIII. By the 19th century, a significant settlement was established. The castle is for centuries served as temporary accommodation for Hungarian kings. The Age of the Castle Palace It was during the reign of King Matthias. He won his final expansion at this time it has become the economic, political and cultural center of the country. In 1541 Buda the castle was in Turkish hands. From this age, our Turkish memory, Gül Baba, remained intact his grave chapel and some baths named after the Gellért bishop Gellérthegy feeds on medicinal resources to this day. It was European the renaissance palace of the famous renaissance was the siege of several months in 1686 destroyed. In 1873, when he was formed from the unification of the three cities (Pest, Buda, Óbuda) The new capital is the castle district and its surroundings are developing again started. The Fisherman’s Bastion was built at that time, and the Matthias Church was rebuilt. At The Gellert Hill was planted, and slopes were built on slopes. The second World War II made great destruction. In post-war recovery it is in the meantime, taking into account the medieval cultural values ​​discovered today the image of the castle and its surroundings was created.

The City Park

The largest park in the capital. The first documentary data on its territory is the Tatar invasion since 1298, it was the venue of the parliament several times, and it is likely that King Matthias used it as a hunting garden. In 1514 he was here György Dózsa, head of the peasant uprising. In 1799, Batthyány Joseph established a lake and two islands in the swampy area. Today is one The Széchenyi Bath is located on the island and the Vajdahunyad Castle on the other. An outstanding event in the history of the Hungarian state is 1000. Millennium Exhibition (1896).

The Margaret Island

Its history dates back to Roman times and was part of the province of Pannonia. First At the time of our Árpád house kings, it is already known as the Island of Rabbits, its name today, received by Margaret of Árpád House, in the XIV. s. has been wearing. The area of ​​the island 96.5 hectares, 2.5 km long. The XII. In the 19th century it was the monks’ home. The Turkish most of his buildings were destroyed during his reign. In 1908 he became a public figure They declared. The public was opened during the Soviet Republic (1919) for. Here you will also find the first Hungarian garden art explored In 1251, a monastery with a water pipe “domonkos”. The island The great gardening began in 1911. One of the herbicides mentioned deserves the cigar tree, the iron tree, the tulip tree, the 140-150-year-old sycamore trees. The 1920s years, they built a 6 km long walkway. There was a horse trail on the island, then The first bus service started in 1925. The island can be on two sides approach, from the Árpád Bridge in the north and Margit Bridge in the south. There is also a small boat to the island. Limited car traffic, s So the good air is a popular resting and walking place for the capital city. many There is also a sports facility and a sports area.

What you can do during you stay at Budapest?

There many activities which can help you to discover the city. We collect the most popular things to do for you which we find on the most visited tourist websites, such as tripadvisor or

The big number one is: Budapest River Cruise

There is no man or woman in the World who don’t want to see a beautiful city as Budapest is from a river view! You can see during your cruise tour the Hungarian Parliament Building or Buda Castle, Matthias Church or Hungarian Opera Building. This is the perfect tour to see during a short time things and places as many as you can.

The second one on the Stage is PubCrewl program

Visit pubs and drink the popular short drink of Hungary made, such as palinka or our good beers, Soproni, Borsodi. We serve it in draft version and the price of the beer is very cheap in Budapest.

The last on the stage is city tours in Budapest which are totally free.

Most of the people like to discover a city without control and just using public transport. If you choose this way to discover the city we offer you to visit the following places in Budapest: Heroes Square, Andrassy street, Vaci street, Vösömarty square, National Theatre, House of Terror Museum.

If you would like to create a perfect plan for a 3-4 days that you will spend in Budapest, do not hesitate to contact us for further information and we can offer you the best places and restaurants of the city.

IF you wish to use a car, or you want a rent one, moreover if you would like a private driver with a transfer when you leave the city or you arrive there, do not hesitate to ask about our experiences, which companies do we offer for you.